The Jungle Cafe - Greenpoint

131 Greenpoint Ave. (Google Map)

Stomach rumble in the jungle?

This all-vegan Greenpoint locale is mission-oriented in their mantra of “We cook in peace so you can eat in peace”. What brings me the most joy here though is not the spicy tempeh tacos or the ready-to-go buffet, but the I-gotta-go accommodations.

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The bathroom at Jungle Cafe is an excellent example of a thematic double-down. While the aesthetic of the restaurant has subtle jungle touches, the bathroom is where the theme really flourishes. The interior design is probably best described as “D.K. Jungle Park from Mario Kart 64”.


With no code or key required, these bathrooms are also unisex, which is nice for inclusivity and accessibility. At Jungle Cafe everyone is simply assumed to identify as a parrot—which would actually be a pretty chill choice if society every devolves into some kind of The Lobster situation.

The bathroom door at The Jungle Cafe in Brooklyn
The bathroom at The Jungle Cafe in Greenpoint

The infrastructure of the washroom is bulky and sturdy, from the exposed green-painted piping to the dark tiki wood. Like any good bathroom, this makes me feel safe—a sanctuary to do my business. The clash of green and orange lets you know that this establishment is unabashingly “going for it” and the stringed lights add a nice ambiance (and as we know jungles get *scary* at night, for real).



A touch of thematic creativity here with the hand-painted “Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning To Work” sign, which is appreciated: taking a mainstay and making it your own definitely bumps up the bathroom bonus points.


Sure the artwork here isn’t exactly “professional” or “good” but I choose to believe it was painted by one of the owner’s nieces who is a young emerging artist in her own right, and so for that reason I am going to let it slide.

The flush here in pretty standard, but honestly, that’s all one can really ask for. Toilet paper had a nice fluff to it, and that toilet paper holder is a 100% match for what this bathroom: sturdy, tiki, and functional.

Rubber Duckie Rating

The Jungle Cafe is a great spot right of the G Train for a quick, affordable, healthy meal and is a gold standard that any establishment can learn from when it comes to adding a little pazazz with their powder room.

3.5 / 5 Rubber Duckies!

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