LP & Harmony - Williamsburg

683 Grand St. (Google Map)

Is there a jukebox? Yes. Pool tables? Two. A DJ platform? Absolutely. Is this a honky tonk? A dance hall? A pool hall? There’s a lack of identity when it comes to L&P Harmony.

pool tables.jpg

The decor of the bar takes on the concept of the namesake: LPs (those vinyl records all you ~kewl~ kids seem to love) and harmony (particularly some kind of mystic harmony with nature, not harmony as in musical harmony which, yes, is confusing).

But I’m not here to play John Taffer (is this reference outdated? I haven’t had cable in like 15 years). No, I’m here to check out the the crapper (Taffer, crapper - slant rhyme, I’ll take it).

However, in the loo these two ideas blend together in, well, perfect harmony (like the music one — ok, this isn’t helping).

I took this picture on a digital camera from 2002.

I took this picture on a digital camera from 2002.

One corner of the bathroom is painted in a dark teal that I would describe as HEX Code #70A1A8. A swiping pattern of textured semi-circles mimics vinyl records, painted in a gold that ties in the accent of the mirror’s frame. These kinds of details really get my toilet flushing!

That floral, tho.

That floral, tho.

The mirror here is the opposite of whatever that mirror is in Snow White that the jealous queen asks “Who is the fairest of them all?”

(See video below. Caution: scary, for real).

And you have to appreciate some creativity when it comes to the mandatory “Employees Must Wash Hands” sign.


But the star of the show here is the mural art that covers the bathroom—which is really more like a full-on art installation.

Close the door to complete the scene!

Close the door to complete the scene!

And it’s multimedia! Check out those sparkly puffs on the tree branches (and my accidental mirror selfie).

The bathroom at LP & Harmony in Brooklyn - LP & Harmony in Williamsburg

Rubber Duckie Rating:

Sure this place may be a slightly forced hodgepodge of vintage grooviness and woodland mysticism, but I’ll be darned if it doesn’t pull it off! While the bar area itself seems to be having some kind of midlife crisis, the bathroom is the self actualization after a yoga retreat in Peru.

Would happily revisit this washroom for a #1 or #2!

4 / 5 Rubber Duckies!

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