Elsa - Downtown Brooklyn

136 Atlantic Avenue (Google Maps)

A place to reflect…

The bathroom at Elsa in downtown Brooklyn - Brooklyn’s best bathrooms

You would be doing yourself a disservice to simply stroll past Elsa on your way to the Brooklyn waterfront without stopping in for a custom cocktail on their back patio on a temperate summer night. Casual but slightly dressed up, Elsa is chic and welcoming, the bartender affable. And if you find yourself on a bad first date (me) and need a temporary escape to perhaps reflect on how dating is impossible or brainstorm an escape plan, Elsa has a bathroom oasis for you.

The approach…

The approach…

Elsa’s bathroom is like the bathroom of your friend who uses essential oils but isn’t all “I have to tell you about the benefits of essential oils” about it. The tile, marble top, and fixtures here are all whites, blacks, and silvers, which brings both cohesion and a clean, sleek feel to the restroom. You have to love these little details: the sink faucet, the raindrop-shaped hanger, that little platform just for the TP, the candle donning the restaurant’s namesake—all are classy choices that someone on Pintrest will surely rip off soon.


With a splash of color, the vegetation here brings that primal calm one needs when, say, you’re on a terrible first date with someone who has nothing nice to say about where they are from, where they live now, their friends, family, or their job.


But where the real reflection happens here are in these spliced up mirrors, which form the arch shape of the bathroom itself. Plus, I think I accidentally made art!

Hit me up, MoMA!

Hit me up, MoMA!

Rubber Duckie Rating

Much like Elsa itself, the bathroom here is stylish and approachable. While my Tinder match won’t be getting a second date, I’d be happy to give the bathroom at Elsa a second flush.

4.25 / 5 Rubber Duckies!

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