Chez Moi - Downtown Brooklyn

135 Atlantic Avenue (Google Map)

To be expected when dining at Chez Moi: heavy French accents, absinthe-inspired boozy cocktails, and dishes that instantly turn you into a faux-foodie who says phrases like, “the elements of this dish” and “flavor pairings”.

Chez Moi in downtown Brooklyn - The Rubber Duckie Awards

Can Chez Moi’s l’toillettes create an experience as wonderful as the one presented at the table? Is this place thematically French or authentically French? There’s an important nuance there, and in the bathroom is where we may find our answer.


Inside the washroom, the black-and-white color scheme throughout—from the wallpaper to the floor tiles—creates a feel of chic and class. First and foremost, I do a quick bidet check, but alas there is none. Honestly, this comes as a relief as I would have been obligated to use it (for journalistic reasons).


But you have to love this wallpaper which bypasses the easy option of, say, The Eiffel Tower for a pattern of early 20th century burlesque-esque, subtly risque images of partygoers and the not-so-subtly risque “topless woman swings from chandelier”.

The most interesting thing about the bathroom to me is in fact the sensual and sexual nature of it. I may be reading too much into this (again, for journalistic reasons), but the sink faucet and the rotating soap bar are Freudian-ly phallic. That rotating soap is just downright fun though, and exactly the kind of gag or gimmick that makes for a memorable bathroom experience.

Very good! (très bon!)

Very good! (très bon!)

The fixtures themselves thrive on a simple but sturdy, classic and classy philosophy. The C-shaped double toilet paper (papier toilette) holder is made of thick piping bolted to the wall, the copper sink hardware could probably double as a free weight for curls. It is smooth and curvy and the little cursive “H” and “C” for water temperature are carved out of the metal itself. Ok, things are getting a little hot and heavy over here! 🍆💦 (closest emojis I could find to “faucet” and “water”).


The trash bin is not a cold flap in the wind, but rather a wooden crate below the sink to the right. This actually creates a lovely flow, simply letting gravity do the work.



Rubber Duckie Rating

Less is more in this fine French loo, which brings continuous class to the dining experience. The sensual nature of it executed with a sense of dignity and properness speaks to the very ethos of the French, making Chez Moi an authentic exposure to the Euro friendlies who gifted us with The Statue of Liberty and also a pretty cool kissing technique. Give this bathroom (and the soap) a spin!

4.5 / 5 Rubber Duckies!

The bathroom at Chez Moi in downtown Brooklyn gets 4.5/5 Rubber Duckies - Rubber Duckie Awards