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Small but mighty…

Reviewing the bathroom at Central Cafe on Central Avenue in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Blink and you might miss this hidden gem on Central Avenue in Bushwick. And yes, I am talking about the bathroom (I’m always talking about the bathroom, people!). But the cafe itself really is a great coffee spot with an above average breakfast burrito (which is all one can ask for in these standard breakfast burrito times).

The front is cozy with a hodgepodge of donated books and natural light streaming in from the large front-facing window. The shop continues back, railroad apartment style, to eventually open up to a back patio. The patio is an oasis in its own rite, which quaint touches like a bed of flowers planted in whatever this is:

Baby’s first push cart?

Baby’s first push cart?

The patio here rulez (for real).

The patio here rulez (for real).

Now, onto the rumble palace.


Tucked just around the corner from the counter, the bathroom here almost feels like a secret. Usually this would detract from the accessibility quotient, but honestly, I love anything that feels like a secret!

Central Cafe’s bathroom is the paragon of a water closet, which is to say, it is definitively closet-sized. There may not be a lot of squat space here, but what it lacks in size, Central Cafe makes up for in charm. The aesthetic is “Grandma’s House Americana” with Norman-Rockwell-red-painted cabinetry that hangs on by a thread above the paper towel dispenser. I was hoping to find some hidden goodies in the drawers (more secret stuff!) but all I found was this business card:


If anyone is looking for some news kicks, hit up Show Market in Williamsburg and let them know their guerrilla marketing campaign is working (?).

The white brick interior really classes the place up, and check yourself out in that mirror. Nothing makes one feel like washroom royalty quite like a fancy, bronze embroidered looking glass.


Like peanut butter and jelly or Congress and corporate lobbying, the exposed brick needs it’s perfect compliment: exposed piping. Gosh, I love exposed piping, and Central Cafe’s creates a linear element that almost feels like an inteior design choice rather than just a matter of fact.


The toilet paper delivery also showcases a mid-century Americana antiquity: bolstered into the wall, the C-shaped toilet paper holder is bookended by porcelain buttons, donning floral metal accents.


The star of the show here though, really, is the Grandma’s-rhyming-warning to the right of the toilet:


Cute? Yes. Scary eyes? Definitely. Amazing that this dude was able to get his jeans off over his sneakers? An achievement that he will one day tell his children about.

Rubber Duckie Rating:

Central Cafe is a homey, comfortable hang that conjures genuinely good feels. This is best exemplified in its cozy, pleasantly kitschy crapper.

4.5 / 5 Rubber Duckies!

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