Butter & Scotch - Crown Heights

818 Franklin Ave. (Google Maps)

Crown Heights’ sweetest little queer-friendly bakery and bar is a pretty hot hang, especially during the weekend brunching hours for $5 mimosas and Bloody Marys.


Would the bathroom be of equal delight, or would the experience be a good-cookie-gone-stale departure? The only way to find out is to make your way past the crocheted emoji-like smiling spool of TP.

The bathroom at Butter & Scotch in Crown Heights, Brooklyn - Rubber Duckie Awards

The porcelain perch sits straight ahead, framed by the high walls inching in to become a corridor to the commode. And here, if you pay attention, you will see several acts of kindness.

First is the abundance of TP at the ready. Above the rolls are two little panels, perfect for setting down a purse, bag, or your iPhone—but let’s be honest, you’re probably scrolling Instagram. Then there’s the large handrail for those who may not be fully able-bodied (ADA compliance, baby!) or perhaps you just need a bit more balance after having a few of their signature cocktails (try a bourbon-forward “100% That B*tch” or perhaps the rum-based “Sun’s Out, Buns Out” would suit your fancy?). And last but not least, the discreetly placed, but readily available plunger.


While the base color scheme here is largely black-and-white, that just allows the more escentric elements to pop. And the little details here are nice as well. The black hexagon tiles form a floral pattern on the floor and that same shape is echoed in the bathroom’s large stained glass mirror, made of light yellow and blue hexagonal hues.


The mural on the wall is bar-inspired with an aesthetic nod to The Memphis Group, whose graphic design pretty much defined the 1980s. The thick black strokes that make the shelving bend around the corner and are extended by actual black shelving, holding… well, nothing in particular, but it still makes for a cool effect.


Okay, I’m really starting to fall for creative “Employees Must Wash Hands” signs (see also, LP & Harmony and The Jungle Cafe). This neo gothic hand-painted beauty really makes me want to lather up and say the ABCs to some hot water (OSHA compliance, baby!).


And the view from the loo? Well, it lets you know that everybody poops, and that’s A-OK!

Rubber Duckie Rating

The bathroom at Butter & Scotch subverts the expectation that you’re about to walk into the bathroom version of an exploding cupcake for something a bit more subtle, yet fun and comfortable and a nice respite from the sugar-laced party popping outside while you’re pooping inside. Maybe my indulgence in the splash-of-OJ mimosas got me all buttered up, but I’m ready to take the full plunge!

5/5 Rubber Duckies!

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