Building On Bond - Boerum Hill

112 Bond Street (Google Map)

Get this… this restaurant... is a building… on Bond.


And while the name of the restaurant—which advertises “New American Comfort Food”—isn’t exactly one of creative envy, that’s not to say the same of the aesthetics or the experience.

Just a 1/2 block off Atlantic Avenue, B.O.B. still somehow feels like a hidden neighborhood gem. The floor-to-ceiling windows and large single-paned doors create the feeling of eating al dente, even when inside. The interior design is eclectic but not tacky—that homey and paradoxical feel of an accident that happened on purpose.

Building On Bond has a bit of whimsy to it—especially upon entering the restroom.

The bathroom at Building on Bond - best bathrooms in Brooklyn

Walking into the spacious lavatory, like any good New Yorker, I fanned out my hands (a la that *scary* little poisonous dino in Jurassic Park) and exclaimed, “This place is huge!”

Opposite the toilet and wrapping around a majority of the space, the walls are covered in antique wallpaper installed by Morgan and Kole that depict an Americana countryside, creating a scenic view for taking a pee or poo.

Stylistically, the wallpaper falls somewhere between Monet and Norman Rockwell (sans the use of changing light, which both has been cited as a defining technique of both Monet and Rockwell).

Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 11.41.00 AM.png

The visuals remind me of the picturesque rural landscape of Western Illinois—and yes, that’s very specific, but if you’ve ever driven a rental car from Chicago to Dubuque for a work conference like I have (and honestly, why haven’t you?), then you definitely know what I’m talking about. Also, why did we fly into Chicago only to drive three hours to Dubuque? This is truly one of life’s unknowable questions.

The color accents throughout the rest of the restroom echo those in the antique wallpaper—light and dark blues and greens, the floor tile like scales on a mermaid’s tail. And don’t even get me started on this Frankenstein’ed drawer piece that mounts the sink and soap dispenser (because I simply won’t be able to shut up about it!). I love it. The incongruity of it all gives the bathroom a fun absurdity a la Alice In Wonderland.


The flush here is good, plenty of water pressure, and the toilet paper roll on the window sill is less an afterthought, more so quaint. And yes folks, there is plenty of exposed piping and exposed brick! I will never not mention how much I love this, so no emails, please!

Rubber Duckie Rating:

While the bathroom at Building On Bond lacks any gags or gimmicks that would typically put me over the edge on the duckie scale, this washroom is simply undeniable in its ability to ramp up the already charming Boerum Hill hangout. There’s no denying this is one of Brooklyn’s best. Congratulations Building On Bond, you just got the full five—our second ever!

5 / 5 Rubber Duckies!