Black Brick - Williamsburg

300 Bedford Ave. (Google Map)

A coffee shop in Williamsburg? A bold concept.

Black Brick - Williamsburg - Arrow to bathroom

But what keeps this grind spot standing out from some rival java slingers—besides an exceptional iced chai latte—is the porcelain paradise behind the heavy door in the back. Here, the arrow sign points you right in the right direction (which is to the left).

Inside, the decor is rustic but not squalid. The sink itself is installed into a thick wooden vanity cabinet. Pull out the drawers to find some hardware knick-knacks, likely long forgotten. That’s right: bathroom treasure! Meanwhile the cabinet door below allows for discreet storage.

Black Brick Coffee - Williamsburg - Cabinetry in the bathroom


The white framed mirror above the sink opens up to showcase a little graffiti surprise and the vintage red paper towel dispenser adds a splash of charm.


Upon taking a squat, you’ll notice the heavy metal (🤘) trashcan, which looks like it may have been pulled out of a USPS post office (in a cool way). Beyond the trash is a bench about a foot and a half off the ground, which I assume is a sitting area for your pee pal as you rifle off the latest hot gos’. Honestly, I can’t believe Sam did that either. It was pretty messed up that he agreed to meet us here for a cold brew and bailed because he “had to train for his upcoming 5K,” but check out these black-and-white tiled floors. Lovely.


The highlight of this bathroom is the swirl station itself, with the “yank chain to flush” functionality. Yet again, an arrow is here to help guide the way. Yankity yank yank, baby!

Yank it like ya mean it!

Yank it like ya mean it!

Rubber Duckie Rating

Black Brick is a great place to cozy up with a mug or get some tippy-tappy done on the ‘ole lappy toppy, but when you feel the need to squeeze it also offers a badass baño.

4 / 5 Rubber Duckies!

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